Big Changes at RBA


We have made a major programming change at Radio Bible Answers. After a wonderful year at WLCM 1380 Charlotte, we made the difficult decision to move to another station. WLCM and Jeff, our programming engineer were very good to us, and we will miss them. But we wanted to reach a new audience of people who might not really know Jesus or how much the Bible can change their life.

So on Febrary 3rd, 2013, we will begin our first broadcast on WXLA 1180 AM in Lansing. WXLA plays secular music during the week and allows some Christian programming on Sundays, and we hope this will give us an opportunity to connect with some new fans and friends.

We do want to say that we have thoroughly enjoyed everyone we have met through WLCM. We appreciate our listeners, their questions and comments, and how loyal many have been as we have struggled through the process of learning how to do a radio show. Hopefully some of you will make it over to WXLA and hopefully our Internet listeners will enjoy having the broadcast updated more frequently online.

Keep us in your prayers and tune in to listen!!!

– Scott Lynn

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