NOTE: We are working on finish our website this week. Please check back as we are adding the rest of our Bible studies here and connecting to our checkout system through Amazon.com. This note will be removed when we are ready for new others! Thank you. – Scott Lynn (Monday – 4/4/2016)

Thank you for stopping by. We have Bible studies and tools available for purchase (and some for free!) as printed booklets and PDF downloads. Purchase any of our booklets and we will email you a download link to receive the PDF version for use on your tablet or phone or wherever you want. We don’t copy protect our PDF versions, but we do ask you to not give them away to others. We do this to make it easy to save the PDF on multiple devices wherever you need it.

Contact me if you are interested in a seminar on teaching Home Bible Studies at your church. Otherwise, I pray you will be blessed by these resources.

In His Service,

Scott Lynn

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